Tan Prep Remover Mitt - See-ya later old tan!


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A must-have prep mitt to increase the longevity and quality of your scrumptious tan. This Mitt removes dry, flaky skin, improves skin texture and tone and will remove in a jiffy any patchy, streaky or old tan build up.

- Remove old fake-tan, exfoliate and prepare the skin before a fake tan treatment

- Leave skin smooth and supple for a long-lasting tan

- Reusable and washable

- Eliminate dead and dry skin cells for a perfect fake tan

- No need for any other tan remover creams or body/exfoliating scrubs



This mitt also works in tandem with the Tanorexic Remover Mousse for when you want to remove a fake tan. Rinse all soap/oil from your body. Soften your skin by bathing or showering for at least 3 mins before use. Use on wet clean skin, it’s important to not use while under the shower stream or submerged in the bath, as the mitt needs friction on the skin to do its magic. You can begin with a dry mitt and using long, firm strokes, rub the mitt along your skin in a vertical direction. Increase the pressure gradually until the desired effect is obtained. You will see rolls of skin appearing on your mitt and on the area being exfoliated, if you don’t, you have too much water on your body or on your mitt.  Redness may/will occur, however, will reduce once your skin cools down. Rinse the glove after use and ensure it is left to dry out properly before the next use. You can wash the mitt with a gentle cold wash in the washing machine. Replace mitt every 3-6mths or when the material starts to wear thin.

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