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We are different

Spraytoniqs & Tantoniqs was inspired to:

Deliver a flawless, even, believable tan that lasts - every time.
To raise the industry standards of professional tanning treatments in salons.
Protect Australian skin from harmful UV rays from sun exposure.

  • Developed by a leading tanning & medi-spa operator who has performed over 250,000* tans in her clinics since 2003.
  • The first range to be formulated to address actual skin types i.e. dry/oily/combination/sensitive/mature as well as skin tones i.e. pink-reddish/white-creamy/golden-brown/olive-brown.
  • The products contain anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties for added skin care benefits.
  • Features an instant look colour guide for an immediate tan result and ease of use.
  • The combination of Eco-cert Organic DHA and Erythrulose as well as other specialist ingredients, that help prevent any orange appearance on the skin.
  • The Tantoniqs retail products help to cover stretch marks, cellulite, scars and disguise certain pigmentation conditions.
  • All Tan Formulations are Fragrance free.
  • There is a tanning product to suit all skin tones and occasions.

Spraytoniqs has developed a range of salon quality retail products to provide everything you need to create a perfect at-home tan with ease.



  • Spraytoniqs is a tanning delivery system that consistently delivers flawless tanning results. Every tanning stage has been considered and revamped. It is a new approach to perfect client service and a luxury tanning experience.
  • The system includes state of the art equipment (tanning booth, spray gun and colour consultation app) and revolutionary solutions which address individual skin type and skin tone combinations to ensure the perfect tan every time.
  • The Spraytoniqs tanning formulations contain no parabens, no mineral or palm oil and no microbeads. They do contain Eco cert organic DHA Erythrulose, which creates a more natural brown tan which lasts longer and are NEVER EVER tested on animals.


  • Glowtoniqs has been designed for mobile operators who are on the go, or for smaller salons who don’t have the space to incorporate the all in one Spraytoniqs Booth.
  • Delivering super quiet compressed air, an innovative Glowtoniqs Spray Gun, and 5 innovative tanning formulations (packed with all the Spraytoniqs formulation benefits) for an incredible tan result every time.