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Choosing the right tan for you

Spraytoniqs has developed an innovative Spray Tan Selector App which asks a series of questions based on client skin tone, skin type, tanning history and desired tan colour.  Together with the therapist, this provides a thorough in house client consultation like no other. The result is a completely customised tan solution. The final Spraytoniqs tan pod chosen, is based on individualised answers regarding your skin. Your answers and resulting tan formula is stored under your name, so you can have the same perfect tan in any of our Spraytoniqs salons.This enables anyone of our Spraytoniqs ambassador salons to achieve the same beautiful, flawless tan you had before! Again and again and again - North, South, East and West! If the condition of you skin changes or the type of tan you would like differs from the one you had before - maybe you had a tan in Wnter and wanted it a lighter shade and now it is summer and you are ready to amp it up - you can simply redo your colour consult with those changes in mind and the right tan will be chosen based on your recent choices and desires. Totally custom tan.