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Secret Tan Travel Mini Mousse (1hr+ Rapid Wash off) Olive Brown

Top up your tan anywhere you go! Our Secret Tan Travel Minis are the perfect size for your travel kits. 

Best suited to dark/olive complexions that tan to a deep brown in the sun. Wash & wear after just 1hr or leave for up to 3 for a dark result. 2 layer tanning system for superior tan results.


 Salon tried, tested & loved formula
 Wash & wear after just 1hr or leave for up to 3hrs for a deep dark result.
 No stickiness
 Easy to use with natural wearable bronzer that doesn’t transfer
 No fragrance added, no offensive tan smells
 Sensitive skin friendly
 Proven long lasting results - up to 2 weeks with our innovative 2 layer tanning system
 Organic DHA

HOW TO APPLY: Tan needs to be applied to clean, dry and exfoliated skin. For best results we recommend applying a light layer of the PH prep mousse directly prior to the tan application, and also using the No Orange Hands Here Applicator Mitt for a streak-free finish.

Shake the bottle well before use. Starting with small body sections is best due to the fast drying formula. ie right lower leg front, use 1-2 pumps of the mousse onto the tan applicator mitt and rub in circular motions onto the skin. Rub the mousse into the skin until it looks even and covered. Then move onto the next area ie right lower leg back. Wait a few minutes before dressing. It is best to wear dark coloured clothing and nothing too tight until the desired wash off time is reached.

Desired Wash-Off Time: wash this tan off after 1hr. For a deeper darker tan result, leave up to 3hrs. For an intense result, apply a second coat on the second day


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