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Long Live the Tan - Gradual Tan - Face & Body Mist | 125ml

Perfect for the face & décolletage areas, as well as hands and feet that are tricky to tan perfectly. 

Perfect for face/hands/feet areas
Sensitive skin friendly 
No fake tan-smell
Build a tan, or extend the longevity of a fake tan

HOW TO APPLY: Simply spray daily and glow. Hold the bottle approx 20cm from the area being sprayed then lightly mist evenly over every area you want a healthy glow. As this is a gradual tan product, colour results can take up to 36hrs to show up from when you first start using it. Can be used directly on clean skin or over makeup to hydrate and refresh. Use a generous mist over desired areas daily to achieve best results. Can be used to build a natural tan, or used over a fake tan to extend the results for many weeks.

A gradual tan and hydrating mist with a delicious vanilla blackberry scent. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karina Georgievski
Lives on my desk

This is a product that I love , It’s always on my agenda to spritz refresh and re tan when I’m at home with a bare face or base on my face , I love spraying my mist !! Works a treat and gives you that perfect healthy GLOW!

A product I can’t live without!

I am in love with this gradual spray! Having problematic skin fake tan can aggravate my skin however this product is giving me the healthy glow I want without any breakouts! (also a must have for the handbag during summer!)

Tom Corlis
Love the feel of this

Going to start by saying, even if this didn't tan my face, I'd use it for how it makes my face feel! It's so light and refreshing, and smells great. Bonus that it also gives a nice glow that I can now easily maintain year round. It honestly feels like a life hack. So glad I got recommended this product and gave it a go. It dries quickly so you can safely use it at night before bed too!

Chris Mckinnon
Love, love, love this product!!!

I had never used a spray tan on my face before trying this product, and I could not believe how quick and easy it was to use, even for a novice. I now use it every day to maintain a consistent, natural looking tan. Being a gradual tan, I love the fact that I can even use it before bed and not have to worry about getting tan on my sheets or pillow case. My skin looks so much healthier and I no longer need lots of makeup when going out - just a little 'lippy'...

Kaila Carroso
Can't live without this product!

I have never been one to self-tan or get spray tans but when a friend of mine recommended this to me I trialed it and can't live without it now! I've been very protective of my face after getting a sunspot about a year ago and it can get tricky trying to get my makeup to match the rest of my body (which is normally tanned) when my face is quite pale ... after using this every day for a week there was such a difference and I even feel confident to go out without makeup! The smell is absolutely divine too!

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