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Save your skin

Save your skin - one self tan at a time

Advantages of Self Tanning

Self tanning has been available since the 1960’s when the first product was introduced to the market. The ‘orange’ effect caused by the early day products left a negative effect on the market but over the years there have been several advancements made on the self tanning front and orange bodies are generally a thing of the past. 

The negative and aging effects of UV rays is well documented which is why more consumers are turning to self tanning as a preferred option to achieving a natural and attractive sun-kissed look.  A tan achieved from UV rays is short lived. Apart from having to constantly spend endless hours topping up this tan it has severe detrimental effects to the skin causing premature aging and skin cancer. 

Every year, in Australia:

  • skin cancers account for around 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers
  • between 95 and 99% of skin cancers are caused by exposure to the sun
  • GPs have over 1 million patient consultations per year for skin cancer
  • the incidence of skin cancer is one of the highest in the world, two to three times the rates in Canada, the US and the UK.

Professional tanning treatments are available from salons and spas offering clients the advantage of achieving a glowing tan whilst protecting the skin from the harmful elements. Consumers are also faced with numerous selections for self tanning at home. Using tanning lotions can help to prevent the damage that the sun can cause to skin.

They moisturise the body, reducing the drying and premature wrinkling of the skin that can happen as a result of constant UV exposure. In a sense, tanning lotions almost act as an antiaging agent because they allow your skin to tan without obtaining the negative premature aging effects that occur in the sun.  As an added bonus, some self tanners actually contain specific antiaging ingredients to further prevent the natural aging process. 

Self tanning products can be used all year round and applied to the entire body ensuring there are no bikini line or strap line areas, giving a smooth and even glowing tan.  As the face is an area that loses the tanning effect the quickest due to exfoliation, it is also easier to top up your tan when necessary.

Self tanning also offers the option to tan specific areas of the body depending on the occasion as well as products to prolong an existing tan.  A sunless tan is a safe, easy, fast and convenient way to appear and feel more confident.