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Tantoniqs Tan Prep Remover Mitt - See-ya later old tan!

Inspired by the Turkish hammams this mitt is the perfect tool to remove old tan and dead skin. 

A successful, even and natural-looking fake tan is dependent on great skin preparation and the See-ya-later-old-tan mitt creates a clean base to work with. This mitt works on its own with water to exfoliate tan-free skin, or in combination with the Tanorexic Remover Mousse to remove old tan and dead skin without the traditional harsh scrubbing.

- Removes old fake-tan 
- Eliminates dead and dry skin cells 
- Prepare the skin before a fake tan treatment
- Leave skin smooth and supple for a long lasting tan
- Reusable and washable

HOW TO APPLY: Use in the shower or bath. With the mitt wet and wrung out, use over skin with long strokes towards. Works best if skin isn’t submerged in water or too wet, as you need the friction on the skin. Old tan and dead skin will lift off easily and is visible. 

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