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What's in a booth?

What's in a booth?

Speaking to salons regularly over the years, the biggest issue with performing lots of tans in a salon is the mess and the inhalation of spray tan.

Tanning in a pop-up tent or a shower room with a roof exhaust fan (designed for heat & steam) is not safe! What’s more, you can’t expect to be charging more than $35 for the pleasure either!

Then there are the tanning booths that look really good, however, look closely, and they are fitted with computer fans for suction, unfortunately, that is not going to work either. And when I hear you’ve spent thousands for the capital outlay - ouch!

Common bathroom exhaust fans or computer fans will never provide a clean and safe air environment for your staff, clients and salon environment.

The Spraytoniqs extraction booth was designed and built to provide a safe, healthy environment. No cost-cutting. And the upside and benefits of that resulted in MASSIVELY increased revenue. You really do get what you pay for. And when our clients come in to have a tan and walk out without tan inside their nostrils, well you know you have a great system.

A business should always be about making money, as the owner of two tanning and medi-spa salons, I’m the biggest advocate for this. However, it must never come at the safety of your staff and your clients.

Our business system is not for everyone, however, my point is before you invest in an extraction system, try it out more than once, ask what powers the air movement, ask what filter process it has, will it handle over 100 tans per week and still provide a clean air environment, just ask questions. This is IMPORTANT, actually, it's vital. 

Spraytoniqs provides a petrochemical strength exhaust fan - yep, you heard it right, the fans we use are designed for toxic environments. That means they move air and lots of it, resulting in the cleanest, safest air environment for your staff, your clients and your salon. It’s important to provide a safe environment for everyone involved in performing these treatments. They also have inbuilt dryers, a fluro lighting system for no shadows and the BEST compressed-air spray gun set up on the market.

Melanie Corlis is the founder and owner of Bronzalicious, an iconic go-to place for Sydney’s best tans. Her salons regularly tan over 500 clients a week and has done so for over 10 years+. She is now using her skill and expertise in the tanning industry to change the face of spray tanning for both the client and the therapist with Spraytoniqs.

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Spray tanning - it’s all basically the same right?

Spray tanning - it’s all basically the same right?